Photo © Brandon Wickenkamp

Photo © Brandon Wickenkamp

James Skarbek

James Skarbek is a New York based Illustrator, which a special interest in Fashion Illustration. From a young age, he has always been drawn to clothing and fashion but found he was most excited about illustrating the clothes rather than actually sewing them. Fashion Illustration, and Illustration in general, takes this interest and combines it with his love of drawing and creating art.

James has a deep love for portraiture and drawing the human body. Recently he's been experimenting with combining realistic, rendered human forms with shapes and elements that are more graphic. With each piece his goal is to convey a specific mood through color, and when drawing a portrait he tries to highlight the model’s best features, capturing their personality through expression, gestures and their style.

Illustration is a way for James to connect with those around him, to have fun and to experience what life can offer. Many times the start of a new friendship can be as simple as “I like your sweater, can I draw it?"

In addition to his work being featured in W Hotel Times Square, James has worked drawing events for Urban Outfitters and Lord & Taylor. He has also illustrated runway shows for Oscar de la Renta and Ann Yee.